Terms of Service - Marie Sexton

River's husband left him for someone else but River cannot get himself to sign those divorce papers; he still loves Terrence. And that is a bit painful to watch because Terrence is a manipulative SOB! But what can you do when the heart won't let go...
After several months River decides that a hookup app might be a first step towards not being alone in his condo all the time when he isn't working. After a first steamy encounter with Phil, River wants more and he finds he doesn't even mind handing over all control to Phil to the point where he is expected to drop to his knees in greeting when Phil gets home.
They start building  a relationship but River still loves Terrence and Phil is incapable of showing affection - something River desperately needs. Still, River loves belonging to Phil, wearing his collar and serving him. There is peace and contentment in handing over control and just following orders.
Things are good, until suddenly shit happens and River is left insecure and doubting pretty much everything. And there is no one to tell him what to do. The most important decision of his life is his alone. And the ending was just amazing. Loved it.