The Ghost Slept Over - Jason Frazier, Marshall Thornton

How do you get close to and start a relationship with someone when you have the ghost of your ex literally following your every move?

Cal is trying.

Surprised to learn that his ex left his entire estate to him, he travels to the small town of Marlboro to meet up with Mac’s lawyer, Dewey, to discuss the details. Cal plans to stay a couple of weeks to take care of everything and during this time, both Dewey and the town and its people start to grow on him.

Unfortunately, Mac’s ghost is still around and none too happy about Cal’s plans to sell the house nor his growing relationship with Dewey.

The story was OK but it was Jason Frazier’s portrayal of Mac as a grumpy narcissist that really sold it. I did not particularly like Mac, but he was done absolutely perfectly to the point where he pretty much stole the show completely.