Everyday History - Alice Archer

I’ve been chewing on this for 3 days not really knowing how to describe this book. The writing style was so different from what I am used to. There was a very strong sense of being on the outside looking in on the characters. This was further enhanced by chapter headings referring to the MCs as The Historian and The Explorer.


Ruben falls in lust with his teacher and does his very best to try and seduce him. But Henry, aware of their positions as student/teacher and Henry’s young age, resistst. Until the point when Ruben is no longer his student.

Ruben, however, is still very young and new to the idea of being with a man. He is not ready to settle down, so they go their separate ways despite the strong connection they share.


And this is the part of the book I had some problems with; I can absolutely understand that a man Ruben’s age is not sure that the first man he falls for really is the one he wants to be with in the long run. He simply has no frame of reference. But it was still painful to have the MCs apart – and both rather miserable, I might add – for a very large part of the book.

Henry processes his pain by writing articles about the history of everyday objects. These articles are another aspect that make the writing style of this book so unique. And eventually, they are what makes Ruben start waking up and pursuing his happiness.


The ending was perfect and made up for what I as a reader had to endure during the separation.