Edge of Forever - Barbara Elsborg

Loved it, But then, Barbara Elsborg's MM stories tend to fit me very well.


In Edge of Forever two people from very different worlds find their missing piece in each other on a cattle ranch in Russia. Levi is the very definition of American cowboy. His mother was Russian and speaking the language fluently he has little problems fitting in at the Russian ranch, whereas privileged, rich boy Pasha sticks out like a sore thumb with his eyeliner and designer clothes.
But of course there is more to Pasha than meets the eye and despite Levi's determination to never find himself in a relationship, the two grow close.


I was nervous in the beginning that Pasha would begin to annoy me; he has a smart mouth on him, jokes around and has a snappy remark for every situation. It could easily have been 'too much' but it wasn't and I fell in love with him quite quickly. Although he is not at the ranch by choice, he works hard trying to make the best of the situation. He doesn't try to hide who he is and he has a huge heart - in my book there will always be bonus points to a guy who loves animals ;)


This is more than just two guys getting it on on a cattle ranch; there are dark, painful secrets in both their pasts and in Pasha's case his immediate past refuses to let go and continues to pose a threat - if you know this author, you'll know that there are some nasty POS bad guys lurking around!
But in the end love conquers all (obviously!) and Levi and Pasha get their perfect HEA.