The Palisade (Lavender Shores) - Rosalind Abel

There are insta-love stories and then there's The Palisade. I mean, wow. Could be a new record for how fast an MC brings out the L-word.


I don't have an issue with the insta-love trope in general, but this was perhaps a bit much. Luckily I liked the characters and the story, while highly predictable, was still very enjoyable when you are in the mood for low angst sweetness. And boy, was it sweet:


I spared a glance away from him, for a second. Taking in the sea, the cliffs, the hint of lavender at the top before the walls of stone gave way to sky and sun.
And I was home.
By the sea. By the cliff.
But most of all, with him. This man was my home.


There seem to be a great bunch of people in Lavender Shores and I will definitely pick up the next book soon.