You Never Know - Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay

This book was a bit disappointing for me. I guess that's the problem when authors have set the bar really high in the past like Mary Calmes has. Readers get spoiled ;-)

My issues with this one were with the MCs, which is never a good thing.
Since Mitch left many years ago, Hagen has been to war and back and is now living a quite existence in his hometown. He starts a friends with benefits thing with Ash which takes up a lot of page time. I was ok with Hagen so far, but when Ash wants more, Hagen just waffles, refuses any clear statements, and is generally just insanely annoying.
And then there is Mitch who was a total douche when he left back then. Hagen does get the apology eventually, but it takes way too long. And until then, Mitch basically waltzes in with an arrogance that made me want to slap him, portraying himself as the top prize in life's lottery. Yuck!

Saving it a bit was - as always - Greg Tremblay and little bits of dialog like this:

“I want the words. Gimme the goddamn words,” he rasped before catching his breath. I had never heard such desperation from him, not ever.
“You always push.”
“You can’t just—”
“I can and I will because you’re my one shot at the forever thing and we both know it. It has to be you, Hage. It was always you.”