Hiatus - L.A. Witt, Greg Boudreaux

There is a standard pattern to many of the books I read: guy meets guy, there is attraction, they get together, bad shit happens - this is the beginning of why I personally refer to as the 'pain phase' - obstacles are conquered, HEA. End of story.
Hiatus was different. The bad shit happened in chapter one! So this was basically a whole book of pain. Which made it tough to read. But it was also very well done - I really felt for these guys. And I felt their pain; there was so much love between them and so much desperation over not being able to fix things. I did have a problem with how long it took to start fixing things, though.

Therapy. Believe in it or not, but if you really want to save your marriage and feel you have tried everything else, you f... go to therapy/counselling. If not, I do not buy your willingness to really try when there is just one option left untried.

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The ending was worth it, yet I am not sure I would have made it through so much hurt if it hadn't been for the excellent (as always!) narration by Greg Tremblay.