Enemy Within - Tal Bauer

First of all, books two and three in this series are not standalone. They are one long adventure - or rather a long line of adventures leading our heroes towards the ultimate goal of saving the world, so my comments here go for both of them. Well, you do also have to read book one first, but there was a bit more of a pause after that one. Not so much after Enemy Of My Enemy.
This was mind-blowing fast-paced action - like a James Bond movie on steroids. At one point I was tempted to take a day off from work to not have to stop reading...
There were twists and turns on every other page, good guys who turned out to be bad, good guys I thought might be bad. And the stress of knowing there were bad guys around and not knowing who they were.
And when our heroes found a moment to breathe, there was romance. Beautiful and intense moments, playful and sweet moments. This wasn't just Ethan and Jack's story; we had other guys trying to find ways to be together in an unaccepting society. I do hope to get more about these guys in future books.