The Law of Attraction - Jay Northcote, Matthew Lloyd Davies

This was a mixed bag. I found Alec intolerably arrogant in the beginning, but he grew on me. He didn’t exactly win the partent lottery so he has spent his whole life in the closet.
Ed is just the opposity – out and proud with a great family who loves and supports him all the way. Add to that some amazing friends and co-workers and this is pretty much a feel-good story all the way.
Initial attraction and passion is followed by the two of them getting to know and eventually falling for each other, forcing Alec to maybe reconsider whether or not he is prepared to spend the rest of his life closeted and lonely. Or if maybe he and Ed are worth taking a chance on. Which mainly means standing up to his parents and telling them the truth about himself.
Obviously the whole thing ends the way it’s supposed to. But I still have to subtract a star for severe lack of required groveling. And for Alec’s relationship with his parents; if any parent of mine had treated me like that in younger years, I sure as hell would not still have been around to celebrate their 70th birthday...