Before You Break - Parker Williams, K.C. Wells

I was so sad when Collars & Cuffs ended. I totally loved that series so I had high hopes for this one. And I was not disappointed. No, Sir.
Before You Break was a brilliant start to new adventures - this time surrounding the new club, Secrets, that Jared and Eli (Collars & Cuffs, book 7) are just opening in London.
Wayne Dwyer already had a membership in the club that used to be located where Secrets is just opening, and he doesn't hesitate to continue on as a member of Secrets. Hoping against the odds that he can convince is best friend and partner in the police force, Ellis, to give him and BDSM a chance.
Ellis is reluctant at first but shit goes down at work, his family is completely f.... up and he is generally falling apart. Wayne is the only constant thing in his life, so he agrees let Wayne help him.
I loved seeing Ellis take his first baby steps into a D/s relationship; everything was new to him, yet there was barely any hesitation once he realized how right it all felt. Being at Wayne's side gave him peace and contentment and generally made him feel so good about himself he had no problem accepting that he belongs with and to Wayne.
Of course, we also got the very nice, hot BDSM scenes I have come to expect from this author duo.
And last but not least - I was worried I might have to deduct a star for lack of groveling, but no. The nasty family did not suddenly regret their evil ways and receive instant forgiveness. There are few things I hate more in my books, so that was a relief. Meaning this book was pretty much perfection all the way through :)