Santa Baby - Avery Ford

It may not be completely fair to this particular book, but this has been building for a while and this one was apparently the last straw. I have to let out my rant now;

I am getting rather tired of guys in books fighting relationships tooth and nail out of principle. If it happens and it feels right, just let it the f... happen! And this idea that just because a guy – in this case Cameron – has seen friends’ relationships crash and burn that automatically means that relationships will always crash and burn is getting annoying. So just because something may perhaps possibly eventually in the future not turn out the way he wants, he will be a miserable bastard and do whatever he can not to fall into happiness in the present. I have no patience for that anymore.


Cameron and Levi have been best friends for many years and whenever Cameron comes home for Christmas, a lot of benefits go along with the friendship. (A lot of ‘benefits’ – it felt like that was all that happened for a large part of the book). Eventually, feelings happen and get in the way and ruin everything and they are both miserable for a long time

Hint to whining, idiot MC: If you need a whole f.... year to figure it out, I am not sure I quite believe that you actually do love the guy

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before things are set to right at the end.



I also had the feeling someone might have dozed off a few times during the editing process. These are little things that I can just skip past if I like a book but not if I’m already unhappy:


He started to say something when I threw a snowball at him.Uh oh, he had no shirt on. That must be cold as fuck.

His nipples looked like they could cut glass. I had no idea what the saying was about the cold and shrinkage or not but I stared at his bulge a his sleep pants tented.

“You will pay for this.” He threw a snowball at me and ran down the front steps. He had been smart and bundled up in a jacket.


Wait, what? What happened to ‘no shirt on’? Is this the magical kind of jacket that just appears out of nowhere?


We had never kissed like this before. Pecks on cheeks or maybe a bit more on the lips, sure, but nothing like this.

Nooo, never. Except maybe for the very first time in the book we saw you together and: I let him in and he explored, tangling our tongues. Really, they were kissing every time they had sex (which was pretty much all the time).