Yanni's Story - N.R. Walker

What a nice surprise.

We met Yanni earlier in the series when Spencer was sent to find him and get him back for his ex. Spencer quickly realized that something was off and it became clear that Yanni had run away from an abusive relationship.

This book follows Yanni after Spencer found him. With the help of Andrew’s parents and the Acacia Foundation, which helps homeless LGBT youth get back on their feet, Yanni starts rebuilding his life after his ex broke him. Along the way he meets Peter, another client of Spencer’s who had hoped to win his ex back with Spencer’s help. Since that didn’t work, Peter is single again and he and Yanni bond over a mutual love of silent movies.

Peter is about twice Yanni’s age – obviously a perfect fit since Yanni has a thing for older men and Peter likes them young.


Still, I did not see the Daddy/Son relationship coming. I loved it, though. Very refreshing as it was different from anything I have read so far involving Daddies and their boys. Those stories usually have aspects of dominance and submission – which I am perfectly fine with, btw – but Yanni and Peter don’t take their relationship in that direction. They remain equals. Peter never dominates, never tells Yanni what to do. They just have these defined roles within the relationship which gives them a satisfaction and fulfillment they both need.


Their way to a romantic relationship is slow. They start out just watching movies together and spend hours just talking while slowly moving towards the relationship they both know they want. It really was slow, but never boring. And it had to be slow considering Yanni’s past so I was glad things were never rushed.