Owning It  - Devon McCormack, Riley Hart, Michael Pauley

I really liked Derek in the first books but this one was too much.


He jokes and talks about sex non-stop to keep people from seeing through the mask. To keep them from getting to know the real him.


Luckily, Jackson doesn’t keep his distance and keeps working on Derek’s walls. Once he finally gets through and we get to see more of the real Derek, it’s all good. They are good together – I liked the age difference and the Daddy/boy dynamic they had going on. But the most part of the book, we saw Derek as he has presented himself to the world for years.

Boy, if there ever was a guy with a one-track mind. It is nearly impossible for anyone to have a normal conversation with the man. Everything is turned towards sex and flirting. I felt nothing but annoyance and exhaustion.


Although this book was disappointing, I will definitely be jumping on Frankie and Evan’s story. Those two sound promising.