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Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux, J.T. Harding

“It’s all right, lads, daddy’s here,” Liam drawled. He stepped up to the door, digging in the backpack he was carrying.
“What are you doing?” Nick asked.
“Blowing your mind, love.” Liam pulled out two small squares of off-white clay.
“Is that C4?” Zane asked.
“PE4, thank you very much.” Liam molded the plastic explosive against the hinges of the door.
“You don’t really understand going under the radar, do you?” Nick grumbled.
“You Recon boys sneak under the radar,” Liam said as he set the charges. “The Special Air Service gets shit done.”
Owen raised an eyebrow at Nick. “If you want to hit him again, I’ll hold him down.”



Harding's British voice for Liam is just perfect :)