Reunion - Eden Winters

As the supposedly last book in this amazing series this was a bittersweet reunion with one of my favorite couples. They've come along way. Especially this now nearly domesticated version of Lucky is a far cry from the 'I do everything alone' hardnosed ex-criminal we got to know early on the series.
This Lucky is a man who is learning the value friendship and a man giving serious thought to how he can be the best partner possible to the man he loves.
Lucky and Bo are rock-solid here, which I absolutely loved to see.
This book is tying up loose ends and about family. Specifically Lucky's family who disowned him when he was sent to prison twelve years earlier. But things are not what they seemed back then and secrets come out along with betrayal.
And this wouldn't be Bo and Lucky if we didn't have at least one attempt from someone at trying to kill one or both of them.
So yes, this book had it all.
Except.... a much needed epilogue. There is enough here for the reader to know they have their HEA. But I want to see it. The ending was too short, too much left not spelled out. And I want that; all the fluff and sappiness. On page. I missed that here.