Sight and Sinners - Susan Mac Nicol

This one is difficult for me to rate. The fact that I did enjoy reading a story with a psychic as one of the MCs certainly speaks in its favor – that’s not usually my thing. But I really liked Taylor and even Draven grew on me after a while. There were, however, also a few things I had some problems with.


Taylor and Draven had first met a while back on a murder case and Draven, who at that point did not believe in Taylor’s abilities, had been rather nasty to him. Now they meet again in connection with the death of a mutual friend and nothing has changed. There’s some serious animosity here, folks. And plenty of sexual tension...

Both men feel the attraction but for various reasons both are reluctant to let anyone come close. When they finally do, it’s explosive. The relationship quickly progresses from there until Draven lets out his inner douchebag again. I had little sympathy for him at this point and when I then had to read through one of my number one peeves, I had quite an inner rant going on;

Draven needed to apologize. Instead he lets out a few words of regrets and kisses Taylor before even using the word ‘sorry’. No f.... way, man. You were nowhere near done groveling as far as I am concerned. The forgiveness came way too easily. Not like it was the first time either that he was a douche!

(show spoiler)



Thet last part of the book is focused on Draven and a very personal issue he has to deal with. It took up so much page time I was torn between wondering what happened to my romance story and being amazed at how well this part was done (not that I can claim to have any knowledge of what it must be like to be in that situation). Very heavy on the emotions and bittersweet.

The ending is short but so very sweet. Just the way I like it.