Fire and Hail  - Andrew  Grey

I get that most people find kids absolutely adorable and they may have a place in romance novels. But in this case it was too much for my taste. Abey and his sister Penny are the sweetest kids you can imagine and with what they’ve been through in their young lives, of course I wanted them to have a happy future and for the actual MCs Brock and Vinny to built a happy family around those kids. But there was too much focus on the children and Vinny’s legal battle for them. It was all CPS regulations for foster homes and legal procedures – mixed in with a bit of police work in Brock’s case – and definitely not enough romance. The children took over and Brock and Vinny building a relationship between the two of them was pushed to the back. A bit of a disappointment to me.

But then, I have never been equipped with much of a maternal instinct and have chosen not to have children of my own. If you are more of a ‘kids person’ than I am, this may be right up your alley.