Aftercare - Tanya Chris

Aftercare starts with Aayan showing up in Garrett’s office to hire him to defend his brother. Syed is accused of having beating his sub to death and with Garrett himself being a submissive, he brings an extra advantage to the table.

The attraction between them in instantaneous but they both have issues holding them back. Now, Garrett gets over his issue about dating a client’s brother quite easily. Aayan is another matter.

I have read many D/s-themed books, but never one where the Dom struggled the way Aayan does in Aftercare. He wants to dominate. He even wants to inflict pain and in Garrett he has met someone more than willing to be on the receiving end. But he fights his urges, unable to truly believe that it is possible to hurt someone without actually harming them. I get that he had a bad experience in the past but I still felt what happened back then had too big an influence on his current life. Considering he knows about both his brother’s and Garrett’s lifestyle and that Garrett is practically begging for pain – not to mention his own desires to provide that pain – I didn’t quite buy how the past should still carry such weight. But ok, it didn’t bother me too much.


While Garrett spends his days working on Syed’s case, he and Aayan have the evenings and nights together trying to find the common ground in their D/s relationship where they both get what they need. And it goes both ways; Aayan is trying to overcome his fear of really hurting Garrett in order to give him the pain he craves. I love how he works the whole spectrum between being all dominant wanting to flog his sub and being the caretaker who just wants to wrap Garrett up and protect him. And Garrett learns to love the quiet submission almost as much as the pain.


And although I didn't get the spanking I was hoping for (can't win them all), I did get something just as good...


He adored this man – his painstaking care, his overwrought sense of responsibility, the formal lilt of his accent, the rough demand of his hands. Adores his dry humor and the way he could make Garrett feel small and worthy of protection with a quirk of his eyebrow, loved the dirty words he spoke only in the heat of their passion, the preciseness of his lust.
Loved the feeling of his teeth, his cock, the weight of his perusal. And God, his belt.