The Game Changer - Greg Tremblay, Kay Simone, Kay Simone

Malcolm Rodgers is the star quarterback and leader of his team. He has been on top of the game for years and is known as ‘The Golden Boy’.

Everything is going fine; he makes millions playing a game he loves and by doing so is able to take care of his family. Making sure they have everything they need is his number one priority and has been since his father died years earlier. On top of this, he engaged to a woman who fits perfectly into the life he has built for himself.


All perfect, until the day Malcolm is injured on the field and forced to spend his days in physical therapy rather than on the football field.

He is assigned the team’s top therapist, out and proud Vance Coberly.

Spending weeks together in the physio center the two men start bonding and build a friendship that continues to grow. Malcolm comes to realize that he doesn’t really have any friends outside of football and Vance has been just as isolated spending all his time either working or in the garage restoring old cars with the only other friend he has.

Vance hasn’t had much luck dating and Malcom’s ends up alone as well after his fiancée breaks off the engagement. Although a part of him is heartbroken, he quickly begins to see that she was right when saying they weren’t right for each other.

It’s all quite predictable; Vance is there for Malcolm after his relationship crashes and pretty soon they acknowledge that there is more than friendship between them.


I loved that Malcolm did not freak out. He just accepted that he was drawn to Vance and wanted to be with him. Of course there were obstacles including one of my top annoyances

I really do not like when one guy flips his shit, completely overreacts or is generally in the wrong as I see it and shortly after it’s the other guy who ends up feeling guilty and apologizing.

(show spoiler)

but they got there and it was very sweet.



This book was fairly long and it took a long time before the guys got together. It should have been boring but I enjoyed every minute. I have a strong feeling narrator Greg Tremblay had a lot to do with that :)