An Officer's Submission - Christa Tomlinson

This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Clay Foster and Logan Pierce got together in a D/s relationship in the first book of this series. Whereas Logan had been in the scene for years, discovering and exploring his submissive side was new to Clay and he struggled quite a bit with it initially.

As the blurb for An Officer's Submission says, it starts out with Clay and Logan settled quite well into their relationship. You could read this book as a standalone and just start out with Clay and Logan as an established couple. But although I personally had some issues with the first book, I still recommend reading them all in order. They are all worth it.

I was curious to see if I would find some of the same issues in An Officer's Submission as I did in The Sergeant where both Clay and Logan showed some frankly stupid behavior causing several cases of eye-rolling on my part. I am very happy to report there was none of that here.
We get to really see the connection between the two when they scene together - the D/s scenes are generally absolutely amazing throughout this entire series.

"The rope slid over his skin roughly, yet seemed to tantalize him softly. And he gave himself up to all of it. All of it led to that delicious loss of control that let him relax and just float, knowing that Logan would keep him anchored."

They still keep that part of their relationship private and the agreement is that Logan only gets to be in charge as Clay's Dom in the bedroom.
This works fine as long as everything else in their everyday life is fine. But when shit goes down at work, Clay more or less falls apart. His insecurities surface again and he withdraws into himself leaving Logan torn between giving him space and wanting to jump in and take control to fix things for his sub. Watching Clay struggle with everything is heartbreaking. Luckily he has a Dom who seems to know just how far he can go and knows when to push the boundaries of their agreement to give Clay what he needs even when he is not yet ready to admit to it.
So Logan makes it clear that he is not going to stand by and watch Clay self-destruct. He steps in and is there for his sub who comes out the other side stronger than ever with complete confidence in who he is and his place with Logan.

"He could be a cop, a bad ass SWAT officer, and still be submissive. It didn't make him weak or less of a man to let someone else take the lead for him. He was strong enough to admit what he wanted, what made him happy. And if anybody had a problem with it, he had a middle finger he'd be happy to show them."


I loved this one. Definitely the best book in the series.