Kiss and Tell - Andrea Dalling, Celia Stratford

Sigh. This book was just exhausting. Or I just caught it at a bad time. It's the second one in a row I've been reading where someone flips his shit in jealousy for no apparent reason. I absolutely love the concept of a guy being possessive if it comes from a place of love and pride in a lover (nothing hotter than the word "Mine" in the right context). Not the jealousy version as was the case here.

Lamar and Ty are engaged and there is no question that they love each other and we get some very nice hot scenes with Ty submitting to Lamar.
And then Lamar's insecurities surface which makes Ty not really want to mention that he is working closely with his ex on a class project. Lamar still finds out and the result it not pretty. At that point I was thinking something in the line of "If that's all it takes for you explode like that, then good luck with that marriage when serious things happen in the future".
Lamar's friend Nick phrased it quite accurately:
"Maybe you two just aren't ready to be engaged."

Of course, things work out in the end, but I was not a big fan of Lamar at that point.