Going Deep - Silvia Violet

Going Deep is so far the last book in the series and I will definitely miss Gray, Jack and Mason. They are easily among my favorite throuples. And damn, they're hot together. And let's be honest, this series leans heavily into the category of erotica rather than romance and there are plenty of steamy bedroom scenes. But at the same time everything is held together by the connection and love these guys share. I love how they take turns being there for one another and catching each other when they fall.

Each book is told from a different perspective. This one is Gray's story. As a police detective he is working a high profile serial killer case which really takes a toll on him. He is tired and stressed and he is beginning to feel he is letting his partners down by not being home enough and by not giving them the dominance they both need. Gray is struggling with the feeling of not being strong enough. He is used to being in control and has a hard time accepting that it is ok for him too to let go. To lean on his men and let them be strong for him.
In the end Gray solves his case and goes off on a short vacation with Jack and Mason. A vacation which is just the perfect mix of steam and romance.