Goodnight My Angel - Sue  Brown

"Are you shitting me? We get blown up again?"
Yes, that's the kind of book this is. Guns, knives, car chases and things getting blown up or set on fire.

Josh and Cal are once again chasing unknown bad guys killing off Agency people or their partners. No one's talking and there is danger around every corner. This whole cat and mouse game was highly entertaining.
The romance takes a back seat to the suspense but it is still there; not just for Josh and Cal but for Jesse and Dan as well who continue to play large roles in the story.
I really love all of these guys.

And then there was the ending. Ah, the ending. Major spoiler:

Which does NOT deserve that name because major f... CLIFFHANGER! I f... hate that! If I know a book has a cliffhanger, I don't touch the series until all books are published. In this case, I unfortunately didn't know and will now have to wait months for the next part. Months during which this one will fade in my memory and I will waste a lot of energy on 'where were we?' when the next one comes out and that is just so seriously annoying.

(show spoiler)