Just What the Truth Is (Home Collection Book 3) - Cardeno C.

Ben is the brother of Noah, whose story is told in Home Again.
Through Noah's story we already learned that their parents refuse to accept a gay son. And this is the main reason Ben has spent his whole life 'refusing to be gay'.
I basically spent the entire first half of this book hating him with a passion and also feeling that everything about him and his reasoning was so absolutely illogical. Yes, he knows for a fact his parents would not accept him being gay and they have put a lot of energy into making it clear to him that all gay people are promiscuous, slutty, incapable of commitment meaning there is no way a gay man can be a happy man.
Still, it just doesn't fit that he would keep buying into that; he is a grown man in the 21st century with a university degree living in a fairly large city and with a brother who has been in a committed relationship with his male partner for years and yet it never occurs to him to question his parents views? Nope, simply not buying it. And his 'solution' of simply just finding a girl to date for a little while is just ridiculous.


Then came the good part of the book when Ben and Micah actually got together - it was quite impressive (warning: sarcasm!) how Ben embraced every aspect of gay life once he got his head out his ass. He was just all in with no hesitation whatsoever. Maybe just a little bit unrealistic!
I still enjoyed this part of the book, though. They really were very sweet together. I loved how Ben was almost in awe at how good it could feel to just be with someone you care about. The little touches, waking up together etc. Very sweet.


And then the ending came and kicked the whole thing down one a star in my rating!

Grandkids! Seriously?! A set of parents who have ruined their relationship with their youngest son by refusing to accept his sexuality and his partner, going on to do the same thing when their older son comes out - at least they were consistent this far - but then along comes a set of grandkids and suddenly everything is just peachy. Ben is gay? Whatever, because... grandkids. He lives with a man? Oh, that's fine, he's a nice guy, because... babies.
It is not spelled out but it is implied that they still have no relationship with Noah and Clark, but then again - they don't have any babies/grandkids.
So nothing is resolved. At all. There is no remorse on the part of the parents, no apologies, no nothing. Just them suddenly being ok with being in the same room as Ben and Micah because they have provided grandkids. To say I was unhappy with this supposedly happy ending is an understatement!

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