A.J.'s Angel - L.A. Witt

This was a nice quick read about past mistakes and possible new beginnings.

Four years ago, Luke left Sebastian for someone else after having spent a great deal of their relationship cheating on him. Now he suddenly walks into Seb's tattoo shop and brings all the old hurts and feelings to the surface. Along with the physical attraction that never went away so they end up spending a night together.

This part was increadibly hot - L.A. Witt knows how to write the steamy stuff. Only I could not enjoy it. Sebastian had doubts and a little voice in the back of his head that kept pointing out that this may not be a good idea. At this point in the book we do not know why Luke is back and no words have been spoken about the past, so everything is unsettled. It makes me cringe when the characters end up in bed under such circumstances. It was like Seb just giving in to an addiction setting himself up for Luke to just use him again before tossing him out.

Of course that is not what happens and the ending was quite satisfying; they get back together (I would have expected nothing less - this is supposed to be romance, after all!) but they have to work for it. The book doesn't jump straight to sunshine and roses. Instead they take their time rebuilding the trust that was lost years earlier which in my book makes it more realistic that they can make it this time.