Double Cross - Lissa Ford

Damn. Things were finally getting good, then more bad stuff happened, and now I am stuck waiting for a book 4 that is supposedly coming at some point.
Don't worry, this is not a cliffhanger. Jude and Rowan's story could end here but I think I need the whole thing wrapped a bit better with a nice bow to be completely happy.

Double Cross has the same mix of criminal investigations and relationship issues as the first two books in the series but the murder case in this one was the best story so far with regards to the crime aspect. And as much as Jude and Rowan don't always mesh in their personal lives, the work quite well together when they are in law enforcement mode.
Unfortunately for them, there is something like a personal life outside of work and that brings me to the topic that has been driving me nuts through all three books. Let me first point out, though, that I really really like both Jude and Rowan. I love seeing them together but if there was ever a contest for highest level of non-communication in a relationship these guys take first prize, no question about it. Throughout all three books we keep seeing them carry around their insecurities about the relationship, wondering what the other might be thinking (because just asking would be too easy?!) And they fight. Geez, do they fight. I think my strongest feeling after finishing this one was exhaustion.

But the thing is - they also realize that despite all their issues, the absolute worst thing is not being together. So they make up. In the most satisfying mix of sweet romance and the tearing off of clothes.

Please let me have book four soon?