Weight of the World - Devon McCormack, Riley Hart

I was warned by the blurb that this book would be anything but fluffy, so I wasn't surprised.
There was an oppressive atmosphere throughout the whole book like dark clouds having heavy above shutting out the light.

After Rob gave Zack enough hope to keep him from jumping off the top of a tall building, Rob himself took the plunge. Zack is full of questions as to why Rob jumped as well as guilt that he didn't see Rob's suffering. He looks up Rob's brother Tommy in the hope of getting some answers.
The two men get close and take turns holding each other up through their mutual feelings of sadness and loss. For fear of losing the best thing he has ever had, Zack never really explains to Tommy how he knew Rob. This is the cause for some drama later on and that is where the book lost a star for me; the point where Tommy has to realize he doesn't want to live without Zack in his life. The way he comes to that conclusion

A f.... dream? Really? How very convenient. Saves him from actually doing his own conscious thinking!

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Still a good book but definitely one you'd need to be in the right mood for.