Taming Teddy - Michael S Pauley, Lucy  Lennox, Lucy Lennox, Michael Pauley

I am easily getting addicted to this series. The stories are light and fluffy, low on angst and just plain, good fun.
This one was even better than the first one and I came to love both Teddy and Jamie.
Didn't start out that way, though! Jamie is wildlife veterinarian stationed in Alaska. He enjoys the peace and quiet with just his animals for company most days.
Teddy is a wildlife photographer with his eyes set on a prestigious award. To win, he needs 'that one photo' and he is convinced Jamie is and his connection to the animals is the way to get it. Jamie doesn't want a photographer on his tail, but Teddy is persistent. In fact, he is a total asshole at first.
But sparks fly and soon they are both struggling to find the balance of being together without actually being together; Jamie's was f.... over by his ex, and Teddy knows from experience that relationships don't work with him constantly being on the road for his various assignments.
So - since they agree that a relationship is a bad idea, they'll just stick to friends with benefits. Easy-peasy. Or not.

Jamie and Teddy spend a large part of the book thousands of miles apart but that didn't bother me much. The connection was still there even when they were fighting it and the separation led to some very funny conversations via text messages.
The ending was perfect and involved not only loads of romance but a visit with the whole Marian clan I came to love in the first book.

I've been listening to the audio versions of this series and cannot recommend them enough. Michael Pauley does an awesome job - especially the endearment 'Baby Dall' in his Teddy voice had me grinning every time :-)