Down by Contact - Sloan  Johnson

I have enjoyed Sloan Johnson's Homeruns series and was quite happy to see that there was more to come in this new spin-off series. The switch from baseball to American football (yes, the 'American' does belong in there - football is otherwise something you play with your feet!) was irrelevant to me; I know absolutely nothing about either one of those sports. But it doesn't matter. I don't have to to enjoy these books.
Down By Contact may well be my favorite so far. We already met Zach in Line Drive where his twin brother Nate found his HEA.
Back in college, Zach himself had already found happiness with Griffin, but being completely focused on his football career meant staying in the closet which ultimately led to Griffin walking away.
Zach never expected to see Griffin again and is shocked to his core when Griffin shows up again as part of TV crew filming a reality show featuring the Wilmington Breakers, Zach's team.
It doesn't take long before old flames are rekindled but there is uncertainty on both sides. Zach is afraid he will still not be able to really be the man Griffin deserves: 
"I fucked up majorly in the past and I can't guarantee I won't do it again. And I'm not sure I'll make it through watching you walk away again."

At the same time Griffin finds it hard to truly believe Zach is willing to come out and really be with him, which does cause a bit of frustration on Zach's part:
"I love you, you jackass. What do I have to do to prove that to you?"

This is a romance, so obviously everything works out in the end. I would have like that to be a bit more hashed out - it seemed a bit abrupt. But this is still an excellent start to a new series.