Atonement - Sloane Kennedy

Simply amazing. Every book in this series is five stars for me. Atonement is no exception. It may even be my favorite. I loved Magnus and Dante.

Dante goes through life with a self-assured, cocky attitude, doing whatever and whomever he wants. Using random hookups to never get emotionally involved because he cannot risk being rejected when someone he cares about sees the dark truth inside him.

Magnus is balancing him out perfectly with his quiet calm. But even that calm is just a cover for the guilt and pain he carries inside. He is also presumably straight!

They get off on the wrong foot and there is a lot of anger between them. Dante is a bit of an ass, to be honest, doing anything he can to rile Magnus up but at the same time pushing him away, fighting his attraction to a man he cannot have. Magnus doesn't quite understand his reaction to Dante but he is quick to accept the attraction. I am very much a fan of a guy who just rolls with it when he discovers he may not be as straight as he thought. Magnus doesn't care what any of it means in terms of his sexual orientation - Dante is important to him and he cares about him and that is all that matters.


There are loads of steam in these books and it is hot as hell. And yet never drifts off into mere porn because there is always so much emotion and such intense connections between the MCs.

There is also a lot of pain here. Most of Sloane Kennedy's guys have dark pasts with horrible experiences and although we usually don't get to witness the horrors as they happen, just the references and the memories of the characters can make some of it hard to swallow. Atonement is one of the worst in this regard. Just imagining the things that must have happened in the past made me sick. Don't get me wrong, I don't think these books would work so well if the characters didn't have bad experiences and were somehow broken, but it is definitely not the kind of book to pick up if you are looking for fluff.

Knowing that, I cannot wait for the next ones.