Exes - Kade Boehme, Jay Aheer, Rebecca Cartee

So sweet and no angst - the perfect kind of fluffy I need a dose of on a regular basis.

Wes and Bryce have been best friends for years. The kind that not only hang out but also regularly share a bed. They dance around each other both afraid to admit they've reached the point where they want more. Luckily these guys talk and, of course, end up with the perfect HEA. 

I have to spend a few words on the editing. It started out fine, but I had the feeling the editor fell asleep half way through. Example: "Wesley went out and found Wesley standing with one hand on his truck.." - there are 4 words between the two names. How does no one catch that?

Annoying, yes, but not enough to completely ruin the story.