Painted On My Heart - Kindle Alexander, Reese Dante, Jae Ashley

As in several other of Kindle Alexander's books, Painted On My Heart brings together two MCs from completely different parts of society; Kellus Hardin is an extremely talented artist guy who doesn't have much and works hard just pay his bills and live his life without too much ado, whereas Arik Layne owns and runs a chain of resort hotels, mingles with the rich and famous and never has to worry about money.

I was amazed at how the author made me believe how Arik was drawn to Kellus through his art before he even met the man considering that I myself have zero knowledge or appreciation for most artwork. Once Arik met Kellus there was no stopping him; he went after what he wanted in a rather pushy manner bordering on being too much.
Kellus had a hard time believing a successful, wealthy man like Arik would actually take an interest in him, plus he had a shitload of baggage still interfering with his life so he was very reluctant to give into Arik.


Of course love won in the end and I liked Arik and Kellus immensely as a couple. But before things were resolved, I was suffering quite a lot through a major case of one of my biggest peeves; I cannot deal with people being too nice and forgiving the unforgivable! Kellus was supposed to be a real nice person - a "good man", I get that. But this at times went way too far into doormat territory, which was incredibly hard to take.

I still really liked the book and it was nice to have some old acquaintences involved , but it was not the best from Kindle Alexander (that's what happens when you write really awesome books - the bar is insanely high for the next ones ;-)).