Nothing Special V - A.E. Via

This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.

In Nothing Special V, the Enforcers, Ruxs and Green, get a new addition to their two-man team when the higher-ups assign ex-Marine Edwin Steele to the task force. Much to God's dismay until he sees the man in action; Steele's skills leave no doubt that he fits perfectly with their team.
The team mainly consists of big, muscle-packed alphas doing the field work, but it also includes Shawn - known mostly as Tech for his knowledge and capabilities regarding anything to do with computers. The attraction between Steele and Tech is instantaneous but they still manage to get off on the wrong foot and since Tech has been burned in the past he is hesitant to get involved with someone who may not stick around. Steele, who may have doubts initially as to whether this is really the job and place for him, soon realizes that he has a reason to stay and with a little effort he manages to convince Tech he is serious about the two of them and that they are worth taking a chance on. They take things slow in the beginning and getting to know Tech, Steele sees that there is more to the man than his geeky looks and hacking skills.

Nothing Special V has almost all the things I love about this series; the task force is the ultimate Alpha Central. All Cops (yes, capital C). With big guns. And they kick ass with said guns (Disclaimer: Kicking ass with guns is only cool in books). But there was something missing compared to the first four books: A story.
Usually in this series the work of these badass cops, their cases, and their action-packed dealings with the scum of society take up a lot of page time. That was not the case in this book and I missed it. Sure, there were a few things here and there that needed to be dealt with but they were more like little interludes and over way too quickly.
The rest of the time and the majority of the book was spent catching up with the guys we've come to love in the first books as well as introducing the new couple. I loved the storyline of God and Day's wedding issues, even if this wasn't actually 'their' book and the Enforcers, Ruxs and Green, are always a whole lotta fun. But all in all everything was kind of just plodding along. What happened in the book did not need quite as many pages as were actually there. Still a nice read and I am certainly looking forward to the next one.
And I award bonus points for the bonus story at the end. I almost enjoyed that one more than the actual story.