Changing Plans - L.A. Witt, Charlie David

I did remember correctly from the first time I read this book a while back - it really does deserve the title "The Kissing Book" I have filed it under in my memory. These guys kiss a lot - especially in the first two parts of the story - and L.A. Witt knows how to right a good kissing scene.

Re-reading in audio did not take anything away from this book; Charlie David did an awesome job with it.

The story itself is angst free. During the first two parts of the book, Elliott and Derek meet, get together and stay together in Hawai for a couple of weeks doing a lot of kissing and exploring of the naked variety before acknowledging that what is between them goes beyond the physical. The third part adds just enough drama to keep things interesting and the ending, while short, was a sweet HEA just the way I like it.