Come What May - A.M. Arthur, Tyler Stevens

Jonas is the son of a state senator and he fits the spoiled rich kid stereotype to a T. He is not particularly good in school but he is desperate to win the approval of a father who cares more about outward appearances than his family. So Jonas hooks up with every girl that crosses his path and puts a lot of energy into being a total jerk and bullying other kids all just to prove to his father that he is every bit the man he is expected to be. And most certainly not gay. Because that would not go down well at all with his parents.

When Jonas gets himself into some major trouble, he is sent of to stay with relatives and work in their thrift store for a while. This is where he meets Tate, The two quickly become friends and Jonas knows he feels more for Tate than he thinks he should and tries to fight the attraction. But Tate's kindness and patience and the support of family who actually deserves that title help him come to terms with and accept who he really is.

I loved how Jonas found a whole new family surrounding him with the warmth and acceptance he had never known from his parents (he addresses his father as 'Sir', FFS!) Tate was a sweetheart who fought hard to take care of his younger sisters and give them a safe home environment. And there were plenty of other interesting characters I look forward to meeting in the next books.

The audio version is narrated by one of my favorites, Tyler Stevens. I don't think his voice would fit every genre/book but he is brilliant in this kind of romance.