Sorting Out - Silvia Violet, Greg Boudreaux

I am always a bit wary when picking up menage stories. I worry it won't work, that there will be a lack of balance in the relationship. But I have been quite lucky so far and this series is no exception. These guys balance each other out perfectly; In Sorting Out, Jack is having something of an existential crisis, unsure of how to shape his future after having caught a bullet. And the great thing about having three guys in the relationship is that there isn't one person left to be strong for his partner but two to carry the weight together. Which is exactly what Gray and Mason did when it was time to pull Jack out of his funk.
There is tons of steam in these books. Of the seriously hot kind. But not so much there isn't also time for a story and for the characters and their relationship to grow.
Let me just finish with the recommendation to listen to the audio version of these books. They are narrated by Greg Boudreaux (aka Tremblay) and it's awesome.