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Dancing Days (2015 Daily Dose - Never Too Late) - Clare London

This was one of those books that nearly made me throw my Kindle at the wall! The level of assholery on Aston's part was way beyond what I am usually prepared to accept.
He is a complete bastard to just about everyone for years;

"Deb [the wife he had 'forgotten' to mention to Glen back then] nearly caught me. We'd only just...finished, when she came home early from her charity evening."
"You were in the house?"
"Don't look so appalled, Glen, I have more respect than that. But we were in my car...." Which, of course, makes it so much better that he was cheating on his wife with various hookups!

(show spoiler)

And when he and Glen got together twenty years later and the past was brought up - a past which had hurt Glen deeply - Aston's reaction was
"It's been twenty years, Glen. Bloody long time to hold a grudge."


It took ages for Aston to even apologize and then Glen jumped right in eager to take some of the blame for their relationship failing in the past. I hated that! Let the man grovel. He was the jerk, not you.
The ending was predictable; there was really only one kind of gesture Aston could make to fix things, and he did. But to me a typical too little too late.