Devil's Kiss - Ella Frank, Charlie David

This is Derek and Jordan's story and it takes place along the same timeline as Finley, book one in the series.

Jordan comes from a family with money - loads of money. He is way above average in the intelligence department so at the beginning of the story he is about to start his new job as a college professor while being just a few years older than the students he is there to teach.
Among those is Derek who has grown up in a broken home with an abusive farther.
The two couldn't have been more different yet they are pulled towards each other from the beginning leading right into of a push-pull/love-hate relationship spanning roughly a decade with longe breaks of now contact at all in-between.

This is Ella Frank, so it is hardly surprising that this book held a ton of sexual tension and plenty of steam once the guys finally got that far. I know it is often considered a skill when an author manages to surprise their readers but I am personally quite a fan of knowing - at least to some extend - what to expect when I pick up a book, so this was just fine for me.

Even better was the narration. I liked Charlie David already, but he just gets better and better; the MCs have distinct voices and the emotion comes through so very well.