959 Brenton Street - Thianna Durston

Domestic discipline isn't something I come across too often in my books so I was really looking forward to finally reading this one.
Now, there was disciplining both on and off page, but I could have used a bit more (yes, I like myself a good spanking scene, sue me ;-)). Still, the story did not disappoint; Trent moved to Falcon Point for his studies and to get out from under the thumbs of his parents and the church he was brought up in. He hits the jackpot when a room is available in a house with four roommates who welcome him with open arms.
Trent thrives in his new life in an environment that allows him to be open about his sexuality. He also takes to the concept of disciplining like a fish to water but most of all he takes to Cory, the owner of the house.
Not everything is easy, though. Trent has a hard time letting go of the church which has played the leading role in his life up until now. In the end, he chooses himself and Cory over a religion that has done nothing but preach how he is sinning just for being who he his.
Christmas comes around and it is time for Trent to let his parents know about him and his decision to leave the church. Let's just say that does not go down well. We get to see both parents, their religion and a church at their worst. I tried to remind myself that this if fiction and it won't be that bad in real life, but I know I'm fooling myself there and that is painful to think about.
Trent is one of the lucky ones and he and Cory get a really nice HEA.