Selfie - Amy Lane

I had to think on this a bit before deciding on the rating. A part of me thinks it was absolutely amazing in showing Connor's grief and his trouble moving on from having lost Vinnie, the lover he spent ten years with in a relationship no one could no about. Even after Vinnie's death, Connor cannot never tell anyone about the true nature of their relationship for fear of outing Vinnie. And those secrets keep dragging him down - he cannot process Vinnie's death and his own grief when he cannot really talk about it.
After about a year, his agent pushes him to take on a role in the hit TV series Wolf's Landing. Arriving for the filming in Bluewater Bay, he meets Noah who works as a driver and assistant for the film company. Noah seems to be just what Connor needs and they slowly move from friendship towards something more. But Conner still cannot let go of his past and of Vinnie.
And now comes the part I did not like; I wanted Connor to move and heal through time, new surroundings, new friends, and Noah. I wanted him to get better because of good things he has.
I did not want to see how maybe his relationship with Vinnie wasn't as perfect as he remembered and how Vinnie may have had various faults. Almost as if to say 'the past was not that good, you can do without it'. Vinnie was up until his death the love of Connor's life. There was no need to taint that and show all Vinnie's faults. Those faults didn't matter - they still loved each other for ten years.
Connor does pull through and heals to the point where he can choose a future with Noah and the last part of the book is all kind of sweet.