Scars and Ruin (Loose Ends Book 2) - Avril Ashton

I don't think I'll get rid of my Ashton addiction any time soon. And that's just fine!

It's difficult for me to actually write a review of her books because they are all about the feelz. And she writes that so well I do not know how to do justice to her books. And let's not forget the steam. She does that very well too. This book was no exception ;).

Dutch and Patel had known each other for years before they finally gave into their attraction and spent one night together. The one night they were happy before Dutch threw it away everything fell apart. Of course it's never that simple and people have reasons. Reasons that are revealed little by little as we run into old friends and enemies. Dutch and Patel struggle with secrets and sacrifices, want and need, outside influences that need to be dealt with and their own fears of reaching out for happiness. The plot kept me entertained but mostly I just felt. And the last chapter implies that there will be off the chart chemistry in the next book as well.