Save of the Game - Avon Gale

Much better than the first one of the series - at least it got there. I loved the pairing of loud Ethan and quiet Riley but their initial forays into man-on-man action made me think of two people trying to put together a piece of flat pack furniture; it was all "not sure what I'm supposed to do", "Maybe we should...", "Want to try...?", "You go first" etc. As if they were working through a manual.

But once they got past the initial fumbling it all became quite enjoyable to watch. And big, tattooed hockey player Ethan wanting to be put on his knees what hot as hell and it was all matched with with plenty of humor. 

"You're only going to fuck me once? Lame."

"What if you're sore, though?"

Ethan leveled a stare at him. "You remember our last four games? I got in a fight in every single one of them. This was like that but with an orgasm. Who cares if I'm sore?"  

In addtion to the MCs, we got to meet Ethan's family which was all totally awesome. Especially his no-nonsense mother who had to bring up three kids on her own and loved them unconditionally. She didn't bat an eyelid when her son brought a boyfriend home and whereas religion may pay a role in their lives, she seemed to have a fairly pragmatic attitude towards it: 

Ethan stared at her, shocked. "Huh? What? No. You're my mom. You can't smoke."

She rolled her eyes. "Ethan Patrick Kennedy, what have I told you about pretending I'm a saint?"

"That we're Catholic and we have enough of them?"

"Exactly. Now give me one." 

Ethan's family is warm, loud and loving and they all 'adopted' Riley no questions asked. I really loved how Riley finally got a family after his own had almost seized to exist for him.