Between Loathing and Love - Andrew  Grey, Tristan James

Back in high school Beckett made Payton's life hell. They meet again years later in New York when Beckett is trying to start an acting career and Payton is assigned as his agent through his firm.
Beckett actually has some serious talent, so Payton manages to focus on doing his job rather than hating Beckett for his past behavior. And as it turns out - obviously, this is a romance! - Beckett had 'reasons' and he is now a different person etc. That may all be true and I did like him. But I missed something important: He never apologized. Payton never actually got the words 'I'm sorry' from Beckett. Apparently, Payton didn't miss those words once he got to know this new version of Beckett, but I did. Maybe I'm just being picky but it kind of bugged me that the apology was never actually spoken out directly.
I still enjoyed the story. The audio was great - Tristan James doing drag queen voices (yes, drag queens - this does take place in the world of theatre and entertainment) pretty much made my day.