Death of a Pirate King - Chris Patton, Josh Lanyon

This series kind of has two sets of storylines; there is a crime story in each of them and there is the ongoing tug of war story of Adrien's messed up relationship with closeted cop Jake. And since that storyline goes through all the books, I have to get through all five before (hopefully!) getting the romance part of this sorted out and fixed. Quite stressful for me as a reader, especially since Jake isn't doing much so far to make me like him!
And then there are all the murders Adrien keeps stumbling upon. Adrien's curiosity and inability to just back off and leave the investigating to the police, gets him in trouble in every book. This one was no exception, but it pushed the tension and suspense higher than any of the previous books - I was as shocked as Adrien was when shit went down. And I loved every bit of it, so I'll be jumping right ahead to the final book.