Open Road - M.J. O'Shea

Angus has spent ten years with a guy who doesn't deserve him. Unfortunately, Angus is the only one not seeing the kind of asshole Brad is.
When Brad dumps Angus on his birthday with no previous indication he was about to leave - it just came out of nowhere - Angus falls into a deep, dark hole. He just stops functioning and manages to push away everyone who cares about him.
After a couple of months and no improvement in sight, his best friend Reece basically drags him into a car and they take off on a road trip to anywhere.
They end up going across the country seeing a lot of places together and little by little Angus returns to the living and stars to heal.
It's a sweet story and the way their relationship is described with an emphasis on trust, comfort and warmth gave me a fuzzy feeling all over.
As for Brad? Well, Karma's a bitch.
And let me end by saying that that cover is one of my absolute favorites. Positive reviews from friends helped a lot, but more than anything it was that cover that made it impossible for me to not put this one at the top of my TBR list.