Given the Circumstances - Brad Vance

Brian was right when he said he didn't deserve Roger. He so didn't. Roger was a level of perfection probably only found in a fictional character and I just couldn't wait for him to finally get rewarded for all the sacrifices he made along the way to becoming an NFL star. Brian tried to do the same to make it to the top in baseball but he didn't have Roger's strength. I guess few people do. But it was so painful to watch Brian's downward spiral continue seemingly without ever ending.

In fact, this book took so long to get me to a happy place I did something I have never done before: I stopped listening to the audio and started reading myself just to get through the pain faster.

I'm not sure why it affected me so much. It really wasn't that bad compared to other things I've read, but I just couldn't take it.

I liked the story but I could have done with a lot less details on various tactics and plays on the football field - I am European. I do not know this game or the rules and I do not care to get to know it, so that got a bit boring.

Brad Vance narrating his own book? Awesome - loved it.