Old School Discipline - Misha Horne

I'm just going to start out with a bit of honesty: I have a spanking kink. There, I said it. Moving on.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find too many books that get it 'right' for my tastes when it comes to spanking. But Misha Horne does - I read pretty much all books by this author and generally love them. But they are all usually short stories so being a full length novel, Old School Discipline was a novelty. And having the space to build more of a story around the spanking scenes only made everything better. Because it was so much more than just kink. It was about Alex finally having people in his life that care enough about him to make sure that fucking up has consequences.
It never had in the past; every time he got in trouble, his parents would bail him out and just leave it at that. There were never consequences because they simply never gave a damn. But the people at his new school do. Especially Bax who remains a bit of a mystery throughout the book but still tries to care for Alex, even if it means putting him over his knee.
There is a certain porn factor to many of the spanking scenes. Of course there is. Pervs like me need our steam. (So yeah, if spankings are not your thing, stay away from this one. There are many of them!) But there were also the really punishing kind of spankings which I personally liked even better in a way. I loved how the author described the emotional aspects of it. Alex would often end up sobbing not just from pain but from the emotional cleansing he gets from having someone be there for him and making sure he owns up to his mistakes.
I liked Bax but I find him a little too hard to read. Even at the end after he and Alex got together, I still felt I knew next to nothing about him. So, a little more about his background and a few pages more to wrap things up would have been nice.