Due Diligence (Takeover) - Anna Zabo

After 'Just Business' I was hesitant to continue with this series. But I'm glad I did. This one was so much better. In fact, it's the best in the series so far. Todd and Fazil were burning up the sheets (just a figure of speech - not like they were always in an actual bed!) I loved how their connection and love for each other had survived fifteen years of separation.

There were a few things I hated as well, like Todd and Fazil failing to even consider the obvious solution to their biggest problem. Seriously - no one with such a lack of common sense or ability to look for alternative solutions would ever make it to a college degree. It made me want to pull at my hair and yell at them. And I didn't really 'buy' this problem. Really, no one is that blind!

The other thing I hated was that there were not real consequences for the nasty people in the story. I am not very good at this 'turn the other cheek' business and I want the bastards in my books to get what should be coming to them. I enjoyed this book a lot - especially after being so disappointed in the last one - an I am very much looking forward to Brian's story.