Rattlesnake - Kim Fielding, K.C. Kelly

There is slow. And there is snail pace. And then there are authors who can actually pull that off.
Apparently, Kim Fielding is one of them.
Jimmy Dorsett spends most of his time on the road always just moving on from one place to the next with no destination in mind. Only staying put every now and then to earn enough money for food and gas.
Circumstances bring him to the small town of Rattlesnake where he meets Shane. The two are immediately attracted to each and Jimmy ends up sticking around for a bit while constantly reminding him it's only temporary. Because the one thing Jimmy fears more than anything is hope; hope that maybe he can actually find someone who cares for him and a place to call home.

This is not about big dreams of successful careers or going off on adventures to faraway places. This is about spending an evening in a small but cozy apartment sharing a pizza. It's about changing light bulbs and fixing wobbly tables. And it's about French toast Friday at the small town diner surrounded by fellow townsfolk who all know your name.
And although initially I was a bit disappointed no one used L word, I quickly realized that that isn't who Jimmy is. He is not about the big words or grand gestures. He shows his love in quiet companionship and small but meaningful gestures.

I listened to the audio version and I have to admit I am always a little uncertain when I see K.C. Kelly listed as the narrator of a book. I cannot explain this - I have not yet listened to a narration by him I didn't like - but I think it's because his voice is so distinct. It will not fit just any book and not knowing the book in advance I'm afraid I'll one day come across a combination of his voice and a book that just doesn't fit.
Well, the day hasn't come yet. Rattlesnake and K.C. Kelly fit. So very well. The rather slow, kind of light drawl, if you can call it that, was just perfect for Jimmy.