Eat some crow when you f... up

A Hundred Thousand Words - Nyrae Dawn, Sean Crisden

There was not enough groveling in this book. First Levi's an ass to Toby and figures a brief apology and a smile will fix it. Which, unfortunately it does. Then Toby spends most of the book keeping Levi at arm's length and hiding their relationship. Because it's just so complicated (/sarcasm off) and "I just don't know how to let people in" and those feelings are just oh so scary. Buh huh. He hurt people all along letting us readers know just how much he cares for those people. Then he hurt them some more while feeling sorry for himself because it is so hart to let people in and trusting in the friend who's had your back for 11 years. So he got off way too easy. Definitely not enough groveling there. But all in all still kind of sweet.